I am a dynamic bilingual multimedia communications specialist whose experience has proven effective for radio, TV, social platforms, web and print. With a background in journalism and broadcasting, I bring vast expertise in communications that are applicable to a wide range of industries, such as non-profits, corporations, governmental agencies, tourism, media outlets, and marketing.

My mission is to bring my ability to interpret and trans-create messaging with a “multicultural” lens to a more comprehensive market and context.

VNGOP can help you with any or all aspects of a project:

  • We help you articulate communication objectives and messages fully aligned with your program objectives.
  • We develop key messages and reinforce them throughout all venues of your Media communications.
  • Drafting and producing appropriate communication materials/messaging in any media format (TV, radio, print, electronic/web-based, personalized) is our forte.
  • Our knowledge of the Hispanic market is world-class, cutting edge and unmatched in the market.